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Hammond Farm is located in New Caney Texas and was started as a 4-H Dairy Goat project when our daughter wanted to raise another animal, her first project was horses.

Once my daughter's dairy goats started milking we needed to find resourceful ways to use our goat milk. We soon learned to make soaps and lotions from the milk of our very own dairy goats. As my daughters 4H Dairy Goat project continued to blossom I started thinking back on our family history...

My great grandfather Alfred T. Nelson was born in Sweden and became an Indentured Servant in order to come to the United States. Many immigrants during this time saw the United States as a land of opportunity. He was a servant for 4 years and during this time his family in Sweden sent him a Swedish bride to America.(Luckily he knew the girl). After proper Passports and legal paperwork filed with the Swedish government Millie Gruene was allowed to come to America and they were married. Once his servant years were finished he settled in Boone, Iowa and later relocated to Aldine, Texas in 1893.
Seven children were born to the Nelson family Helen, Theodore, Nellie, Mable, Teresa, Sophia(my grandmother) and Oscar.

The Nelson family had one of 6 dairies located in Aldine and a permanent marker is located at the Aldine Teacher's Credit Union honoring these early settlers. The family milked the cow's daily, producing milk for numerous families. Every year the descendants of these families meet at a family reunion in Aldine remembering the past, a tradition that has gone on for numerous years.

Teresa (Aunt Teresa) continued her dairy farm skills on a smaller scale changing to goats instead of cows until the day she died.

As a child I can remember going to Aunt Teresa's goat farm to visit and play. Her goats were Nubian dairy goats and I remember the tinkling of the bells as they walked along. Her farm was located in the Tomball, Texas area.

Today, our daughter is in the US Navy. It was interesting to realize that through my daughter and her 4H Dairy Goat project we had come right back to our family roots......

Aunt Teresa in 1964 with her Nubian Dairy Goats.

Julie Hammond with her 2010 Nubian Dairy Goat baby doe.

At Hammond Farm we are strong supporters of the 4-H and FFA programs and offer discounts to youth.

  We are members of The American Dairy Goat Association.

All of our Nubian Dairy Goats are registered with the American Dairy Goat Association. Our does play in sunny clean pastures and are free from all contagious diseases.  We keep them on a routine worming program, hoof care, and vaccinations. Our feeding program is watched closely to ensure that our does are getting the complete nutrition they need to remain healthy.

All kids raised on Hammond Farm are on a CAE preventative program.
We are really excited about our 2010 kids from our newest Iron Owl Buck Zuko. It seems our kids were not very cooperative in getting pictures. We were able to catch a few between the jumps and flips!


Hammond Farm receives Honorable Mention at the
2008 Start Up Nation Competition.

Hammond Farm Won 3rd place in "Best Travel Soaps" and Honorable Mention in "Best Company Philosophy" at the 2005 soap competition by Five Star Reviews, a national on-line spa magazine.

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